Think SMART in Setting Your 2019 Career Goals


In every industry and field, professionals go through the process of setting goals each year. It can be tedious and time consuming, but this exercise isn’t just busywork. It’s an important part of the process of linking what you do day-to-day to what your employer is trying to accomplish as an organization.

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Transferable Skills: Abilities You Can Plug-and-Play

Having a highly specialized set of skills can certainly be beneficial if you are looking for a very specific kind of job, such as a perfume designer, dog food taster or pearl diver. Although these are all real jobs, there’s not much you can do with these particular talents if you decide it’s time to try another line of work.   

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Give a Gift to Yourself This Holiday—Network!

The UMUC Career Service Team offers tips for networking this holiday season

Things slow down in many workplaces during the holidays, but what about your networking? This time of year can be a great time to grow your professional network. It is a social time with a lot of parties, events, and other opportunities to meet new people and engage with those you already know. The downtime in the office also allows you to think strategically about expanding your network and creating more engagement with your existing contacts.

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The Go-Getter’s Guide to Work Life Balance

Lifestyle experts have great tips, but most don’t understand our UMUC community. We aren’t just balancing work and family. We’re balancing school and sometimes job searches. For this reason, when I sat down to right this piece, I decided to draw on the insights of three of our own. Tamar Thorne ‘07, ‘18 is a wife, mother, employee benefits representative, and recent MBA graduate. Brian Booth is a husband, father in a two career household, Vice Dean at UMUC, and a UMUC faculty member. Cathy Francois is a single mom, Assistant Director of Career Programming at UMUC, UMUC adjunct faculty, and an entrepreneur who finished her MBA while working full-time and job hunting. They’ve synthesized seven strategies to help with our juggling act.

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Cyber Jobs: Where are They and How Do I Get One?

We are consistently told by the media that there is a demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals. However, for recent graduates and those interested in transitioning into the field, career paths can seem elusive. In my recent webinar, Cyber Jobs: Where Are They and How Do I Get One?, I discussed this topic with a trio of experts, which included two esteemed UMUC faculty members and a alumna who works in the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

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Finish 2018 Strong with these Career Events

It’s officially two months until the end of 2018! Whether your career goals next year include growing professionally, finding a new opportunity, or expanding your network in 2019, UMUC Career Services has something for you. Prepare to meet with recruiters at this month’s Recruiter Session, tune into a career webinar, and so much more. Details for each event are below. Use the links provided to register!

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