Strategies for Job Seekers Over 40

Many older professionals are fearful about job searching. Some are concerned their age may prevent them from finding a job, while others are concerned they may have to compromise in order to get the position that they want. These concerns are real and legitimate. While it is true that the workforce has changed and competition for jobs has increased, it does not mean you should give up your search. The right attitude and perspective can get you closer to your goal. Below are a few strategies to help you stay focused and yield positive results in your job search.   Continue Reading

5 Tips to Negotiating Salary

Once you make it through several rounds of interviews, the most challenging part of the process is over. However, there is one more thing to consider before you accept any job offer: salary negotiation. For many people, negotiating salary is uncomfortable and scary. To help you confidently ask for what you want, here are five tips to help you negotiate a great salary.   Continue Reading