Value Added: How Certifications Can Boost Your Credibility

Have you ever wondered if earning a certification in addition to your college degree could help you get ahead in your career? A certification, which is conferred by a governing body, serves as confirmation that you have expertise and credibility on a specific subject — and for some, it can be a career booster.Continue Reading

Digital Marketing: Finding Fulfillment in a Fast-Paced Career

For Kayln Hall ‘14, the thrill of making a real impact on her target audience is what makes going to work so exciting. As the online engagement manager at American Kidney Fund outside Washington, D.C., Hall gets to interact with her organization’s constituents digitally to make a difference.Continue Reading

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

You have a job interview! Congratulations! After the initial euphoria of receiving the call from your target employer, inevitably, nervousness sets in as you begin to contemplate how to prepare for this next step in the hiring process. Well rest assured, because when you receive a call for an interview it is because the hiring team believes you are qualified for the job. Now, your challenge is to prove that you are the best candidate by answering a variety of challenging questions.Continue Reading

Three Questions to Create a Better Resume

When updating your resume, job seekers seem to default to discussing duties and responsibilities and often neglect highlighting significant accomplishments and relevant skills. One way to combat writer’s block is to start the process by asking yourself self-reflective prompts to help you recall stories that showcase your unique work history. Keep your content focused to ensure you include information that will show the employer how you could potentially help their organization.Continue Reading