Five Principles for Developing an Effective Resume

When I wrote my first resume back In the 80s, things were much different. Resumes were written with broad objectives, with content that was comprehensive and generic in focus, and everything was included—just in case. Overall, my resume was all about me and was designed to cover a wide range of  employers and potential opportunities.Continue Reading

Post Career Fair Strategies For Success

Job Fairs and recruitment events are great ways to connect with career opportunities but your efforts shouldn’t stop when you remove your name tag and head back to your car. Statistically speaking, recruiters say an average of 10-15 percent of career fair attendees will move forward in the application process. Here are some simple “after” strategies to make the most of the events and increase your chances of success:Continue Reading

Find Your Federal Job in D.C. and Beyond

For every major, interest, or talent there is a federal job opportunity. There are more than 2,000 different job categories within the federal government at 15 cabinet- level agencies, 20 large agencies, and 80 small agencies. There are more than 280 federal agencies. Contrary to what many people might assume, federal positions are NOT only for those in the greater Washington D.C. area.  Great opportunities exist across the nation and across the world. Some background work can help you identify the government opportunity that fits you best.Continue Reading

The Role of Networking in Today’s Job Search

I often see the reluctance in job seekers’ eyes when I tell them they need to network.  For many, it may conjure up unpleasant images of insurance salesman shoving his business card at people during a Chamber of Commerce mixer.  They may imagine uncomfortable rooms filled with uncomfortable people and worse yet, having to approach total strangers.  If that’s what you think, then it is time to change your view of networking!Continue Reading